Saturday, April 25, 2015

Soulstones - Malformed Magic Item

Another magic item based on one found in the Compleat Spell Caster. I have made it more like the Mirror of Life Trapping.


Soulstones are generally found in the tombs of spell casters, dragon hordes, and in the hands of powerful NPCs. They appear to resemble any type of high quality gem. The gem is inscribed with very fine engraving. The power imparted by this gem depends on the being who is trapped. The holder of a stone decides which of the being’s abilities he will acquire. Once a power is chosen, the holder cannot switch. Soulstones tend to leak the memories, thoughts, and fears of the entrapped being. This leads the holder to having recurring dreams, nightmares, visions and attacks of paranoia. Breaking the stone will release the being who may do a favor for the one releasing him.

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