Saturday, April 25, 2015

Plague Zombie - Creature Feature

So I'm working on monsters too. Here's the first, the Plague Zombie. I took inspiration for this from the Plague Zombie found in Adventurer Magazine #1, an 80s gaming magazine.

I'm not sure about XP. At first, I started out with the XP of a similar HD disease carrying monster...The Wererat, then I added for their ability (effects of third level spell, so 10%+20%+30%=60%), and came up with 80. Upon further though I realized it worked more like mummies (only with a save). So I thought, "this is about half as good as a mummy". I took the mummy XP, cut it in half, subtracted some for lower dice, and came up with 240. What do you think?

Plague Zombie

AC 5
HD 3* (M)
Move 120' (40')
Attacks 1 claw
Damage 1d8+1 + Disease
No. Appearing 2d4 (4d6)
Save as F3
Morale 12
Treasure Type Nil
Alignment Chaotic
XP 50

Monster Type: Undead, Enchanted (Common)

Plagues zombies are mindless human or demihuman undead. They resemble normal zombies except they do not move slowly. Most are the empty, diseased corpses of animated by evil magic-users and clerics. They are most often used as guards and soldiers. Anyone hit by a plague zombie must make a saving throw vs. poison. If failed, the victim will begin to feel weak after one day and will be unable to perform any strenuous active, such as combat. After a week, the victim will be completely bedridden, and feel nauseous and disorientated. After this, they must make a save vs. poison daily with a -1 cumulative penalty, if failed they die. If the body is not destroyed or cured of the disease, it will become a plague zombie in 1d6 days.

Terrain: Ruins

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