Friday, May 8, 2015

Trail and Pass Names

I'm not just working on rules for roleplaying, I'm also doing brainstorming exercises. Here's one I did earlier this week:

The Cherokee called the Cumberland Gap, the Warrior's Path. Brainstorm some fantasy trail names:

Warrior's Way
Flatwoods Trail
Silver Creek Way
Dragon Pass
Grisly Passage
Broke Foot Road
Cut Throat Crossing
Tall Pine Pass
Weaver's Loop
River Route
River Road
Pilgrim's Pass
Amber Pass
Scenic Route
Hero's Pass
Old Ford
Golden Pass
Silk Road
Bent Road
Hog's Head Crossing
Troll Pass
Skull Pass
Antler Route
Horse Ford
Sleepy Trail
Owl Way
Horn Pass
Stone Pass

Friday, May 1, 2015

Flaymes - Creature Feature

I took inspiration for this from the Plague Zombie found in Adventurer Magazine #2, an 80s gaming magazine.


AC 2
HD 3* (S)
Move 90' (30')
*Attacks 1 or Special
Damage 1d10 + Special
No. Appearing 2d4 (4d6)
Save as F3
Morale 10
Treasure Type Nil
Alignment Neutral
XP 50

Monster Type: Planar Monster, Enchanted (Common)

Flaymes are lesser elementals from the elemental plane of fire. They look like 3' dancing flames, but can change their shape to 3' tall, red-skinned, hairless humanoids. They can cast five magic missiles (fire bolt) per day, one at a time. They take double damage from water, normal damage from Fire and Air, and minimal damage from earth.

Terrain: Elemental Planes

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